Swedish Association for Art

Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening (SAK) /Swedish Association for Art

A characteristic feature of the Swedish arts scene is the large number of art associations or art societies. Art-loving employees at companies or institutions form most of them. Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening (SAK) / The Swedish Association for Art is Sweden’s oldest Art Association/club founded in 1832 and is open to members all over Sweden. We have about 5 000 members. Anyone who is curious can become a member to learn more about Swedish contemporary art.

The members of our not-for-profit national association are all supporting the contemporary arts scene in Sweden by the member’s fee (annual 450 SEK/year or for persons under the age of 25: 250 SEK/year).


– As a member you participate in the annual art lottery having been the core of the Association since 1832. Since the start about 44 000 artworks have found new homes all over Sweden through the annual lottery. The lottery is held in November every year. We buy art from now living artist all around Sweden for about 1 million SEK/year.

– As a member you receive a book about art every year since 1892. The annual art book presents either one particular artist or several or a movement in art and is a gift every year to our members although luck in the lottery may not be the case.

– As a member you have the possibility to buy art in SAKs’ Limited Edition-series, between three and four exclusive works produced for SAKs’ members by emerging artists as well as established colleagues.

– As a member you are invited to learn more about art through guided tours, lectures, studio-visits and trips to art institutions and artists.

– As a member you receive 4 Medlemsbrev/Newsletters a year about programs, interviews with the artist assigned to present a new Limited SAK Edtion and works that have been bought for the lottery and much more.

To become a member, please follow this link: http://konstforeningen.tictail.com/

”Swedish art clubs are non-profit organisations for promoting an interest in the visual arts and handcrafts.They also create opportunities for artists to exhibit their work and thereby become known to a wider public. The Swedish art club movement is the second largest voluntary nation-wide organisation – only choral societies exceed their number. The first public art club in Sweden was founded in 1832, Konstföreningen i Stockholm (The Stockholm Art Club), today called Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening – SAK, now open for members all over Sweden. The first art club at a workplace was started in 1940 at the CAP chocolate factory in Gothenburg. Sveriges Konstföreningar was founded in 1973 to form an umbrella organisation for the member art clubs in Sweden. Sveriges Konstföreningar has 900 member art clubs. 350 of these are public art clubs, open to anyone, and the others are to be found in workplaces, open only to the respective employees.” (http://www.sverigeskonstforeningar.nu/index.php/om-oss/in-english/)