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Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening (SAK) /Swedish Association for Art


Malin Gabriella Nordin ”Untitled”, one of the works of art in SAK’s 2016 lottery

A characteristic feature of the Swedish arts scene is the large number of art associations, formed on a non-profit basis, usually by art-loving employees at companies or institutions as a way to promote an interest in the visual arts. The Swedish Association for Art is an independent art association, open to everyone with an interest in art. It is Sweden’s oldest art association – founded in 1832.

SAK Edition 2_2014 Human Cannonball

Alexander Tallén ”Human Cannonball”, SAK Editon 2, 2014


For over 185 years it has supported the Swedish contemporary art scene by purchasing art works for the annual lottery where all members have a chance to win. Since the start about 44 000 artworks have found new homes all over Sweden through the lottery. It has also presented many artistries based in Sweden through its members’ magazine and annual publication, which has been presented to its members each year since 1892.

As an institution dependent on neither the state nor any commercial interests, financed through the membership fees, it is an important independent operator on the Swedish art scene, being able to seek out and support artists all over the country, both emerging and established ones. Thus, a membership is also a way of gaining an overview of the Swedish contemporary art Scene.

Members of our not-for-profit national association all support the contemporary art scene in Sweden through the membership fee (450 SEK/year (600 or 700 if you’re based in Europe/rest of the world) or 250 SEK/year for youths 18-25).



Simon deBrée ”Artifacts”, one of the works of art in SAK’s 2016 lottery


As a member of SAK you…

…. automatically participate in the annual art lottery which has been the core of the Association since 1832. The lottery is held in November every year, consisting of art works from now living artist all around Sweden to a value of about 1 million SEK/year.

… receive an art book every year, presenting either one artistry or several ones, or a movement in the arts.

… have the possibility to buy art works from SAK Edition, a limited series exclusively produced for SAK’s members by emerging artists as well as established colleagues.

… are invited to learn more about art through guided tours, lectures, studio-visits.

… receive four Newsletters a year with articles and interviews with the artists whose art works have been purchased by SAK or in other ways are associated with SAK.


To become a member, please follow this link:


Anders Zorn ”Kapprodd”, one of the works of art in SAK’s 1886 lottery

So long salong04400andersson kopia

Karin Mamma Andersson ”So long salong”, one of the works of art in SAK’s 2004 lottery